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Why You Should Use Custom Chocolate Boxes Wholesale

by debek

The sweet delights chocolates are loved by all. People get chocolate for their friends and family to show their love. Every beautiful and important occasion can be enjoyed by eating chocolates. The use of attractive custom chocolate boxes wholesale can make the events memorable. 

Chocolates are very delicate. They can melt or break if proper custom packaging is not provided to them. Chocolates are luxurious and sweet items for them, a beautiful and eye-catching chocolate box will add to the value of your chocolate items. 

Furthermore, wholesale chocolate packaging boxes are customized with the help of unique designs and elegant colors to complement the quality of your chocolate item. You can select sturdy and firm packaging to give your chocolate box a mesmerizing look.  

In this article, we will discuss the reasons to use customized boxes for chocolates. 

You Can Select A Quality Material 

As we know, to give a sturdy packaging box you must use high-quality materials. Custom boxes with logo and Custom chocolate boxes wholesale are made of high-quality materials to give firm and professional packaging to your chocolates. 

There are different types of materials available in the market. Customization allows you to select a material that comes under your budget and that you think gives the required protection to your chocolates. 

Four types of materials are used in the manufacturing of chocolate boxes wholesale. These materials are kraft, corrugated, cardboard, and rigid boxes. All of these materials are perfect for the packaging of chocolates. 

  • Kraft: This is one of the most widely used materials. It gives perfect and elegant packaging to the chocolates. Customers love this packaging because it is eco-friendly and gives a charming look to chocolate gifts. 
  • Cardboard: This material is used in the manufacturing of wholesale custom pie boxes and chocolate packaging because it keeps the product moisture free. This is also an eco-friendly option and gives chocolate boxes of variable strengths. 
  • Corrugated: This box is best when protection from physical pressure is required. This box has flutes that keep the box free from collapsing. A chocolate box made of corrugated material is long-lasting and sturdy. 
  • Rigid Boxes: The rigid boxes are used in the manufacturing of luxury chocolate boxes. These boxes are four times thick than cardboard or corrugated material. This is the best material for chocolate boxes wholesale. 

Customization And Box Styles

Box style has a huge impact on the sales of products. Products with unconventional and unique styles are more likely to attract buyers. When it comes to chocolates, the packaging style holds more value. 

When you select a unique box style for your wholesale chocolate packaging boxes you give your customers a new experience. The style of the box should represent the type of chocolate you are providing. 

For instance, if you are selling dark chocolate, the box style should be of rigid material to keep the chocolate unharmed.  

Some of the designs of chocolate boxes are given below: 

  • Die-cut chocolate boxes. 
  • chocolate boxes with specific shapes e.g. heart shape boxes. 
  • Pyramid boxes for chocolate. 
  • Display boxes 
  • Chocolate boxes with two parts like mailer boxes. 
  • Tuck boxes 

Printings Of Chocolate Boxes 

The printings of the chocolate boxes are an important part of the packaging. The printing gives a unique look to the boxes. The use of custom images is necessary to avoid duplication of packaging with other brands. 

Two types of printing techniques dominate the packaging industry. 

  1. Off-set printing 
  2. Digital printing 

Add Ons 

Add-ons are used to enhance the attractiveness of the chocolate packaging. These are selected on the type of chocolate. These add-ons make your chocolate box different from other brands. 

Your add-ons should be unique so that your customers can easily identify your product in the market. Some popular add-ons are enlisted below:

  • Matt and gloss varnishes
  • Matt and gloss laminations 
  • Ribbons 
  • Metal foiling 


Personally, designed chocolate boxes are made of eco-friendly materials. These materials do not pollute the environment. The climate-conscious individuals will prefer your products over other companies.

A nature-friendly box does contain any harmful chemicals, therefore the risk to the health of consumers can be avoided. 

Final Words

Custom chocolate boxes wholesale is used to give a unique look to the chocolate items. Companies use customization options to select eco-friendly materials that do not burden the environment. Gives custom boxes special features that can not be attained with traditional packaging.

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