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Volcano Princess: 5 Things Beginners Should Do First

by debek

Volcano Princess is a simulation game in which players are in charge of raising their daughter. These tips should make the job less difficult.

Volcano Princess is a new game that might be interesting to people who like raising sims like Long Live the Queen and the Princess Maker games. Egg Hatcher, a game company based in Beijing, made the parenting model Volcano Princess. After the player’s partner, the ruler of the Volcano Kingdom, dies, the player is on their own to raise their daughter.

As her father, everything the player does affects what kind of person she will become. Players can take their daughter in many different directions, based on what traits they emphasise, what skills they let her learn, who they let her talk to, and so much more. Volcano Princess is a game that can be played again and again to see all of the different ends. No matter which ending a player is trying to reach, there are some basic tips for new players that will help every time.

What Kind Of Father Should The Player Be?

When the game starts, players can choose the name, birthday, and blood type of their daughter. Blood type doesn’t change how you play, but during your birthday month, there will be special events. Early on, players will also get to decide what kind of father they want to be. “A father who makes his daughter feel safe, a father who makes his daughter proud, or a father who adores his daughter” are the three choices. Depending on which choice is made, the daughter’s opinion of her father will be judged based on different values.

For the father who wants his daughter to feel safe, they are graded on their Kindness and Intelligence. The father who wants to make his daughter happy is judged on the Brave and Kind values, and the father who pampers his daughter is judged on the Gentle and Kind values. It’s important for the player to really think about which of the three choices they like best so they can put their attention on the right things. Before the Birdie event, players have to get 100 points.

Make Choices Based On Values And Attributes

The first five rounds, which are played out as months, are important for raising the two values a player needs to get a good review from their daughter. During the first turn, there is only one chat event where the player can choose how to react to their daughter keeping a secret. If they want their Gentleness to go up, they should keep their daughter’s secrets. If they want to raise their Brave value, they should comment on how every warrior has a different treasure chest, and if they want to raise their Intelligence value, they should choose the choices where the father remembers something interesting.

If they choose to look under the bed, their “Lame” value goes up, which lowers their total score. Soon after that, the player will learn about making plans and taking classes. Players can have their daughter take 5 classes each round, and each class has a recommended level for an attribute that will ensure better results. Players should try to get their daughters’ base traits as close as possible to the recommended percentage.

Use Action Points Wisely

On the second day, players will be able to use the map and take their daughter to different places in the Volcano Kingdom. You will only be able to go to the Family Restaurant and Wild Horse Lake. Players can talk to many people in the town, but only the Lazy Soldier, the Magic Creatures Scholar at the Family Restaurant, and the Soothsayer at the Lake will give them the chance to raise their values. Players have to spend Action Points to do certain things. At the start of each round, each player gets 10 Action Points. When they run out of Action Points, they can no longer do certain things.

But there are ways to get more action points. Players can sleep at home and sit on the stump at the Lake to get 2 action points each. You’ll also get points if you eat one of the two main meals at the Family Restaurant. There is a family meal and a children’s meal. The family meal restores 5 Action Points, while the children’s meal restores 3. Players should spend their points on things that will help them improve the skills they want to work on.

Keep Daughter Happy

The mood of their kid is something else that players have to keep an eye on. At the beginning of Tunnel Rush game, going to class is the only thing that makes the daughter sad. It’s important not to let her mood drop below 50, or else her qualities will lose points.

There are ways to cheer her up, which is good news. Players can talk to her and play with her at home. Players can also make her feel better at the Family Restaurant by buying snacks there and listening to a story.

Complete Objectives

In rounds 2 through 5, players should make decisions based on the two values that will help them become the kind of father they want to be. Also, it’s important to finish the Key Targets. There are three goals for the first part of the game. Players have to finish three classes, eat three times at the Family Restaurant with their daughter, and talk to 10 different people in the town. All of these things are easy to do.

Players get a reward for each job they finish. In this case, they get books that will help their daughter’s attributes a lot. By doing all of this, players will have the best chance of setting their daughter on the right road so she can be the best (or worst) person she can be.

You can play Volcano Princess on PC.

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