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Red Dead Redemption 2: 8 Best Foods In The Game

by debek

A cowboy who is healthy is a happy cowboy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 shows that a cowboy’s life isn’t all about robbing trains and running from the law. It has a huge open world and a lot of true historical details. As Arthur Morgan, you have to watch your health and energy by buying, cooking, and sometimes catching your own food.

Since your Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye are the three main qualities that affect how much and how fast your health regenerates, you’ll want to stock up on only the best food in the Wild West. After all, nothing makes you feel better than a warm, filling meal.

Cheese Wedge

Cheese Wedge In RDR2

Arthur likes cheese just like everyone else. At the general shop near you, you can buy cheese wedges for $1.90 each. Cheese wedges are one of the least expensive things you can buy at a general store, even though they are expensive.

Arthur can also use cheese as bait to catch fish, which will help you with other meals and could save you some of your hard-earned money. Cheese wedges improve Health and Dead Eye cores by a small amount.

Canned Corned Beef

Canned Corned Beef In RDR2

The price of corned beef in a can in general shops is $1.75, which is a long way from what it costs today. This food is good for healing on the go and for when a chance event puts you in the middle of a fight. When you next bring Arthur into town, you might want to stock up on canned corned beef.

This item gives you a small boost to your Dead Eye and gives you a modest boost to your Health core.

Potent Bitters

Potent Bitters In RDR2

Potent Bitters is one of the best ways to improve your Stamina in Drift Boss game. All you need is one Hummingbird Sage and one Burdock Root. This mixture completely refills your Stamina core and makes it a little stronger.

Under trees in Lemoyne and along the banks of the Kamassa River in New Hanover, you can find Hummingbird Sage. Near the town of Valentine, on the banks of the Dakota River, you can find burdock root. But you can also get Potent Bitters from any doctor who is around.

Potent Snake Oil

Potent Snake Oil In RDR2

Potent Snake Oil completely heals and slightly strengthens your Dead Eye core, making it great for sharpshooters with good eyesight. One Indian Tobacco, which can be found south of the train tracks in Rhodes, Lemoyne, can be used to make this medicine. Indian Tobacco can boost your Dead Eye Core a little bit on its own.

If you can’t find the plant, there are other ways to get Potent Snake Oil. You can buy it from the nearest doctor or find it by stealing.

Thyme Big Game

Thyme Big Game In RDR2

For this filling meal, you’ll need one Big Game Meat and one Creeping Thyme, as well as a campfire to cook it over. Just outside of Valentine, to the southwest, you can find Creeping Thyme. Big Game Meat comes from animals like alligators, bears, panthers, and wolves that are big enough to kill.

Bears are the easiest of these animals to find because they are always in woods. Thyme Big Game returns all of your cores to full health and gives you a Golden Dead Eye core as a reward.

Minty Exotic Bird

American White Pelican In RDR2

One Exotic Bird Meat and one Wild Mint can be used to make a Minty Exotic Bird. American White Pelicans, which are usually found at Quaker’s Cove in the Great Plains, Van Horn Trading Post in Roanoke, and Siltwater Strand in Scarlett Meadows, can be hunted for Exotic Bird Meat. Most of the time, you can find wild mint west of Valentin and north of Strawberry.

If you can get these things, the Minty Exotic Bird will fully heal your Health core and heal your Dead Eye and Stamina cores a lot.

Oregano Flaky Fish

Arthur Morgan Fishing In RDR2

You need one Flaky Fish Meat and one Oregano to make this fish dish. Flaky Fish Meat can be made from many different kinds of fish, but the easiest to catch is the Redfin Pickerel, which can be found in any water and is caught with bread. There are clumps of oregano to the west of Valentine.

Flaky Fish Meat restores your Health and Stamina Cores about half as much as it replenishes your Stamina Core.

Camp Stew

Pearson Cooking In Camp In RDR2

With as many people as there are in the Van der Linde gang, it’s no wonder that Pearson, the camp cook, always has stew on the fire. You can add meat to the pot to make it more healing, but it’s best to give Pearson Big Game Meat for a bigger buff.

If you do this and make sure the camp has everything it needs, you can make a stew that gives you full Golden Cores for Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye.

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