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Overland: 6 Best Tips For Beginners

by debek

Travelling through a world after the end of the world is bound to be hard. Read through the best beginning tips if you want to stay alive.

People still like roguelike games, and Overland takes a post-apocalyptic look at the genre. The game can be hard, especially when you have to stay away from enemies and get enough goods to stay alive. For a run to go well, you need skill, planning, and a little bit of luck, which can be frustrating for some players.

Since it can be hard to play the game, you’ll want to know what tips will help you stay alive in this world. As you think about them and try out different ideas, you’ll get a feel for the game and learn the best ways to move across the country and find people who can help you.

Plan Your Moves, But Don’t Be Afraid To Move

Before you move around, you should move your mouse over everything. Doing this will make any object you can deal with stand out, so you’ll know what to do while avoiding enemies and won’t waste time going to different objects. You can also keep your figures in the car until you’re ready to make the first move.

In Overland, you can move your characters and then change your mind and cancel the move. This lets you try out different actions. For example, if you can get to a dumpster or another important place, you can move your character there to see if the bugs won’t get too close.

But once you look for an item, you can’t go back and change your mind, so make sure you really want to do it before you do it.

When you move your figures, pay attention to what they say.If they say something sarcastic or warn about danger, they might be too close to the bugs. Try to take back the move and put them somewhere else.

Prioritize Gas

To live in this world, you have to put petrol first. If the car runs out of gas or gets damaged, you’ll have to walk until you find a new one.Most of the time, you’ll die without a car, so always put it first and guard it.

You can put gas in your car, and you’ll need more gas to get to other places. As you look at the maps, you should be able to find places where you can get petrol and keep going. As you look around the levels, you’ll find gas in different places.

  • At ground level
  • In some other cars
  • In places that can be searched

Even if you find other useful things along the way, you’ll need to keep your petrol tank as full as possible. When deciding which way to go at a rest stop, think about how much gas it will cost and how much you might gain. So, you’ll be able to figure out which point is best for your case while minimising the risk.

Max Out Your Party

Depending on your car, you can have more than one person in your party. For example, a regular car can hold up to three people, a truck can hold up to two, and a van can hold up to five. Get as many party members as you can to improve your chances of staying alive and making it through the different levels. Do everything you can to get more people if you have enough gas.

People will sometimes join your party as soon as you walk up to them and click the Invite button. Some may need you to break down a barrier to let them out, while others may need first-aid kits to get them in the best shape possible.

You should get a dog if you can.Even though they can’t do things like syphon gas or fill up your car, they can kill bugs with just their bites instead of using tools. This way, even if you run out of things, you’ll always have a way to fight off those enemies.

You’ll need as many weapons as you can get to clear a way for your car, so try to get a dog before you reach a barricade.

Move On As Quickly As Possible

Don’t spend too much time in one place as you look around to see what you can find. You’ll start to see spots on the ground where bugs will appear. That means that if you don’t get rid of the bugs, their numbers will grow until you can’t leave. Since bugs can get in the way of your car, you’ll have to hit them or drive around them to get away.

Pay attention to how many enemies are on the screen to avoid this. If you see five or more, you should think about getting away.Getting more items isn’t always worth it if you have to kill your friends to get them. You’ll need time and room to get your teammates into the car, turn it on, and drive it to the escape point. If enemies block your way, it might be hard to get away and stay alive.

Have Light Readily Available

One of the most dangerous parts of living Overland is still navigating at night.If you go out at night without a light source, you won’t be able to see any close enemies. That means they could easily sneak up on you and get worse over time, making you lose Geometry Dash Subzero game. You should find a swap early on and ask for a torch or look for flares as you explore.

A flare shines a lot of light around the person, making it possible to see most of the area. But they will run out quickly, leaving you without a light source.Flashlights are better in the long run because you can use them over and over and keep holding on to them.Since your car has storage room on top, you can leave your light there and add it to your stock when it gets dark.

Organize Your Belongings Regularly

You have many ways to organise your things and make sure you have enough room for everything you need.Most figures can carry two things at once, and you can store something on top of your car. Some of them even have two storage areas, so you can carry up to twelve things between you, your vehicle, and up to four other people.

Even though each character has different things, you can swap whatever you want between them in different situations.

  • Before you decide where to go
  • When you have everything in or near the car
  • Any adjacent friends

So, if you find something on the ground that one of your characters can’t take, you can make a line back to the car, choose the “Organise” option, and move things around to make room. Most things like bottles or lamps can’t be put together, but gas containers can be filled all the way. So, if two people have gas, you can join them to get an extra item slot.

Check your inventory as soon as you move to a new place so you can move things around and plan for them.Just before you leave a place, move your things around so you can keep what you want and get rid of what you won’t.

Since going through Overland can be hard, you’ll want to pay attention to the best ways to do things and use them. You’ll need to do everything you can to stay alive in the world and get across the country, from getting gas to making new friends. If you keep practising and playing the game, you’ll learn the best ways to play and how to avoid the animals you’ll meet.

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