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Best college for BSc in chemistry Dehradun Uttarakhand

Different Specializations For BSc offered at the Best College in Dehradun For BSc!

by DIT University

Bachelor of Science is a dynamic course that can be offered with different specializations. Different colleges offer different sets of specializations for this course. Most of the courses in this field are of 3-4 years. A student has the option to choose a specialization in the field that they find most interesting. Most of the streams of the Bachelor of Science program are detailed versions of the subjects introduced in the science stream during classes 11th and 12th. After completing BSc in a particular stream the students have multiple opportunities that can be explored. Some of the fields are discussed here.

BSc Physics

The Bachelor of Science in Physics course is a three-year course. This course aims to familiarize students with the world of physics and how it impacts our life. Mostly subjects like Electromagnetism, calculus semiconductors, statistics, quantum mechanics, optics, waves, etc. are a part of this course.

BSc Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry offered at the best college for BSc in chemistry Dehradun Uttarakhand is a three-year course that deals with various aspects of chemistry and its applications. Two major chemistry categories are organic and inorganic. The course will take you through all factors related to the bifurcation of chemical reactions into organic and inorganic. Other subjects in this course are Earth Science, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Industrial Science, etc.

BSc Mathematics

The duration of this course is generally 3 years. This course is ideal for students with a keen interest in numbers and numerals. The subject list in the course includes Algebra, Vector Calculus, Graph Theory, Real Analysis, Lap Lace, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Geometry, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, etc. The course has good scope and career options for graduates.


The above mentioned fields are the most basic ones and can be easily found at any college in Dehradun for BSc. However, there are many more specializations that colleges and universities across the globe offer. The decision of enrolling in a particular specialization must be based on your area of interest. A career made in your area of interest will surely reap high benefits to you as it will have complete concentration and attention.

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