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A Complete Guide to Luxury Bathroom Installation in London

by debek

After seeing trending, modern bathrooms on social media and in your favourite home design magazines, you might be thinking that it’s time to give your bathroom an upgrade. Remodelling allows homeowners to transform an outdated bathroom suite and plumbing system into a bright, comforting, spa-like space. In addition to improving the space, it adds value to your home and enhances the bathroom’s functionality.

However, it isn’t a simple task as it requires you to replace the old material with new, high-quality and trending fittings. Before achieving a luxury bathroom installation in London, take some time to plan a layout, explore all the alternatives, and seek a professional’s advice. While renovating the space, you must keep comfort in your mind because, nowadays, bathrooms are considered places for unwinding and relaxing.

How to Plan a Luxury Bathroom Installation in London?

In order to acquire an elegant bathroom appearance, you must pay attention to a few factors with the help of a professional bathroom installation company. These set of rules will assist you in planning your bathroom installation smartly and effectively:

1.       Evaluate your Needs

The type of bathroom you desire should be the first consideration when it comes to bathroom installation. Is it a family bathroom or a guest bathroom? Or do you have any plans to create a lavishing atmosphere to unwind? A guest bathroom might only need a shower and toilet, while a spa-style space might call for a large list of equipment and fixtures like a bath, a separate shower, double basins and tonnes of storage, including a towel rack. So, you must decide the kind of upgrade you need before working on the installation.

2.      Choose a Layout

Even though it may seem difficult, planning your bathroom layout, in the beginning, will be the difference between a design that only fulfils the basic needs and one that meets all of your expectations. A quick refresh can be achieved by replacing fixtures, Vinyl flooring Abu Dhabi, and tiles or by repainting the walls. If your layout isn’t right or storage sufficient, consider how you might be able to tweak it in a subtle but significant way. For example, rehanging doors or installing sliding ones are fantastic ways to add space to the place.

3.      Consider the Space

You shouldn’t be getting inspired by walk-in showers or huge bathtubs if they won’t fit in your bathroom. An important tip for luxury bathroom installation in London is to be realistic with your space in order to create a minimal yet contemporary look. When planning your layout, keep in mind that you need to be able to move around the room without difficulty. Over-the-bath showers, sliding doors, and towel warmers can be used to maximise space in a small-sized bathroom. Moreover, you can utilise a free-standing bath on feet or a plinth to optimise the area of the floor in order to increase space.

4.     Ventilation is Essential

Ventilation is crucial as it provides proper air exchange, critical for efficiently removing hazardous particles, dampness, bad odours, and fine dust from the space. Thus, you must determine that the space is well-ventilated because you wouldn’t want steam to enter your bedroom. According to an expert bathroom installation company, a remarkable solution is to install an extractor fan as it removes moisture-laden air but ensures that your electrician wires it in independently from your lighting to manage its proper functionality. 

5.     Consider Storage

Bathrooms need to be cleaned frequently. Therefore, providing as much storage space as possible to prevent clutter from building up is preferable. A large vanity with additional towel storage and any form of storage cabinet would be a wise purchase. This will enable you to charge electric razors and store toothbrushes in mirrored cabinets. You may also store bottles covertly while in the shower, thanks to niche storage in the walls. A vanity unit not only serves as a useful storage cabinet but also makes a statement in the space.

6.     Select Good Lighting

Bathroom lighting should be taken into consideration because bathrooms are often located near bedrooms, so they impact the overall environment of the room. You may use any lighting to enhance your bathroom as long as you follow the proper safety precautions and ensure the lights are installed outside of the zones that require IP-rated fittings. Although bright white or daylight bulbs might be beneficial for some spaces, most designers advise utilising soft white light. Consult your electrician to ensure the lighting conforms with strict legal regulations because bathrooms have unique electrical requirements.

7.     Shower Space

While planning a luxury bathroom installation in London, consider the space around the shower cubicle if you plan to use one. Is there sufficient room for a hinged door? Or will a sliding door be required? Space can be saved by using corner units, which have sliding doors that don’t require any clearance. Your towel rail is a further consideration. Your shower door shouldn’t be built to open onto the opposite side of the bathroom, far from your towels. A shower should typically be at least 36 square inches in size. However, the very minimum space needed for a shower is 30 square inches if your bathroom is particularly small.

8.     Pay Attention to Colours

When designing a bathroom, colour is an important factor to take into account. While painted walls and wallpaper can simply be changed, tiles are installed to last. Since we identify these rooms with cleanliness, freshness, and relaxation, they should have a decent yet stylish appearance that makes an excellent environment for unwinding. For this reason, neutral colours like soft grey and beige, together with warm off-whites, are often preferred in many homes. These elegant hues provide greater functionality and adaptability and can contribute to maximising space. 

Take Away

A bathroom installation company can help you make the most of your space and will be able to guide you through the process. If your budget does not permit hiring a professional, assemble all of your ideas, sit down with a calculator, and determine what you need to purchase, what labour may be required, and when you need the work completed. Keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind to ensure that you make a suitable plan for your bathroom.

At TeamMax, we offer the best services for luxury bathroom installation in London, ranging from light fittings to complete bathroom renovations. We serve our customers with exceptional guidance and strive to help them achieve their dream bathroom look.

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