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8 Best Throwable Weapons In Red Dead Redemption 2, Ranked

by debek

The best guns to throw in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be loud and explosive or sharp and quiet.

Being an outlaw isn’t easy. Red Dead Redemption 2 will give players all the tools and weapons they need to live and thrive in the wild west. This includes a lot of throwable weapons that can help them fight better on the game’s large open-world map.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of tools that can be thrown, and each one is different. Some are needed for stealth, while others could help start wildfires or explosions that can compete with the famous beasts in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Double Bit Hatchet

You can find the Double Bit Hatchet west of Wallace Station. It will be stuck into a stump. A broken wooden fence will let players know when they are close to the area. The Double Bit Hatchet is both a good close-range tool and a good weapon to throw. But there is one problem that stands out.

There is only one Double Bit Hatchet, so players can throw it, but they also have to get it back. Since it’s a Hatchet, it does good damage, especially in stealth, but it takes a long time to charge up because it’s so big. This could ruin a lot of Dutch van der Linde’s plans.

Hunter Hatchet

In Window Rock, players who go through the Grizzlies can find the Hunter Hatchet. It’s a good Hatchet in one of the best open-world games, and players can use it to attack enemies even though it was made to cut down trees. But since this is the wild west, people can do whatever they want.

The Hunter Hatchet is another weapon you can throw, but it doesn’t have any ammo like other weapons you can throw. Even though it’s great for sneaking because it can kill enemies with a single shot to the back or head, if players miss, they’ll have to run to get it back.

Ancient Tomahawk

The Ancient Tomahawk is a showpiece because of how it looks and how it looks in general. It’s a traditional way for a native group to throw a weapon. Players might want to use the Ancient Tomahawk to show respect for people whose land was taken from them, or just because it looks cool.

The Ancient Tomahawk can be found west of Calumet Ravine in upper Ambarino. As it is stuck in a wooden target, players may need to look closely. The only things wrong with this gun are that it takes a long time to charge and doesn’t have enough ammunition.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are a few ways to get the return of the Tomahawk. After reaching Chapter 2, players can either buy it for $4 at any Fence or the Trapper or find an abandoned stagecoach in Southern Cumberland Forest. Because their projectiles move quickly, tomahawks are different from other throwing and stabbing weapons.

The Tomahawk works the same way as the Ancient Tomahawk, with only small differences in how it looks. But the Tomahawk is better because it can be bought. This means that players don’t have to worry about losing it if they miss their goal.

Fire Bottle

Nothing is riskier than being in a forest with only a glass bottle of burning liquid and a piece of cloth to light it. The Fire Bottle is a weapon that explodes and can set a large area on fire. The fire will also spread around the area, destroying everything and everyone in its path. This is a weapon that will definitely mess up the slow-paced, relaxed open-world.

Fire Bottles can be bought from all Fences for $0.75, but only after “The Fine Joys of Tobacco” is done. The Fire Bottle is also not hard to make, so players will always have a lot of nasty weapons that can burn enemies to death.

Throwing Knife

The Throwing Knife is one of the best things you can throw early on in Red Dead Redemption 2. This weapon is always good, but you can’t get it until you finish the “Paying a Social Call” task. With the Throwing Knife, players in Red Dead Redemption 2 can show who is the best shot. Players will be able to buy it from any Fence or the Trapper after this task. With the Throwing Knife, the player will be able to use a throwable for the first time in stealth battle.

The hitbox for throwing knives is small, so Spacebar Clicker players will need to be careful. But this is good because because the hitbox is smaller, players will have to aim for the upper back or the head to get a quick kill. They can be taken from dead bodies and sold for $2.50.

Poison Throwing Knife

The Poison Throwing Knife works exactly the same as the Throwing Knife, except that it does damage over time. Players can use the Poison thrown Knife to hurt animals that are too big to kill in one hit or to kill enemies hiding behind cover who were hit by a thrown knife but didn’t die right away. It’s a great tool that Sadie Adler and other bounty hunters will enjoy using.

When the player is at a camp, they can make Poison Throwing Knives. But they will need Flight Feathers, which come from eagles and hawks and must be picked. Players will also need Oleander Sage, so they should enjoy picking plants. The Poison Throwing Knife lets players give their enemies a slow, painful death if they can’t sneak up on them and kill them right away.


Even though Dynamite may have been made for mining and building, cowboys in this realistic historical game use it for something else. When dynamite explodes on the battlefield, it can make a lot of damage happen quickly. Dynamite is a quick way to get rid of enemies or deal with enemies who won’t come out of cover, or maybe just a big, dangerous bear.

Up to eight sticks of dynamite can be in a player’s collection, making them an explosive payload just waiting to go off. After finishing “Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?” This shot can be bought for $1 at any Fence.

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