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4 Best Snipers In Apex Legends, Ranked

by debek

In Apex Legends, there are only four snipers, so it’s important to know which ones will make the most difference in fight.

Apex Legends has a lot of different ways to play, so players can find a loadout that works best for them.Sniper weapons may not be every player’s favourite, but for many of them, they are a must-have.There are four sniper weapons in Apex Legends, not counting Vantage’s special ultimate. Snipers are best at long range and are great at hitting other players who get caught in the open. A group of snipers can promise a knock if they all shoot the same legend at the same time.

Some legends are better for Sniping, like Gibraltar, because his arm shield gives him more safety. Most of the time, your team will have a big edge if you assign one person to be a sniper. The person on your team with the sniper will hurt an enemy and make a space for your other friends to move through. shooters are also good at stopping enemies from pushing and stopping other shooters from doing the same. Many teams need a shooter because it gives the team more ways to play.

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is the least liked of all the guns in Apex Legends. The Charge Rifle is the only weapon that can hit-scan, which means that the bullet goes straight to the target without any delay. This makes a sniper that is easy to use and will hit its target accurately from far away. The Charge Rifle is the easiest to use, but it doesn’t do as much damage as other shooters. Also, players who use a Charge Rifle don’t have to think about bullet drop; they just have to aim straight over their target.

The Charge Rifle has been changed, and it now works best from far away. At medium range, other snipers will be better than the Charge Rifle because they will be easy to use. At longer ranges, players won’t have to take into account bullet speed and bullet drop as much. The Charge Rifle has a low DPS of 39, and a full hit on the body does 45 damage. If a player misses any part of their Charge Rifle attack, the attack will do less damage.

Longbow DMR

The Longbow was originally a marksman weapon, but it was changed to use sniper ammo when season 4 came out. The Longbow is one of the two main sniper choices that most players will think about using. The semi-automatic sniper weapon packs a punch and has a purple sniper magazine that can hold up to 12 bullets. For the Longbow to knock out an enemy with a red shield, it needs five shots to the body or three shots to the head. The Longbow has a rate of fire of 78 RPM, so there is only a short time between shots.

The reload time is short, but if a player tries to reload with an empty clip, it will take an extra second. If a player reloads when they only have one bullet left, they will save one second during the reload motion. Since the Longbow is a sniper weapon, it has a base headshot multiplier of 2.15, which means that a headshot with it can do a lot of damage. When you equip a Skullpiercer, the ratio goes up to 2.5. This makes it one of the best hop-ups in Apex Legends. The DPS of the Longbow is 72, but it does 77 or 84 damage to purple caps when used with a Skullpiercer.


In a lot of ways, the Sentinel is better than the Longbow. Since the rate of fire is slower, the main difference is the harm. The Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper weapon that takes longer to fire each shot, but does a lot of damage when it hits. Snipers who use the Sentinel must move around cover after firing shots to stay safe. The Sentinel has a high base power that can be increased by charging it with a single shield cell.

By charging the Sentinel, it goes into an amped state for a short time that makes it do more damage. A Sentinel without a charge will do more damage to the head than a Longbow with a Skullpiercer. Players with purple helmets will take 119 damage from an amplified Sentinel headshot. When a body shot is charged, it does 88 damage. Most players won’t attack from a distance after hearing a Sentinel that’s been charged. The Sentinel has gotten a lot of upgrades that have made it the best floor loot shooter in Funny Shooter 2 game. The Sentinel got a big boost when Deadeye’s Tempo Hop-up, which increases the rate of fire when the weapon is used over and over.

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper

The Kraber used to be able to kill any enemy with a headshot, which made players very scared. Even though the Kraber is still a strong late-game weapon, it was nerfed to stop late-game one-tap headshots. Players with purple shields and helmets won’t be able to use the Kraber’s one-tap attack. Even so, players shouldn’t forget that the Kraber can do a lot of damage and is useful in the end game.

If an enemy is using a protected legend, a body shot will do 119 less damage. Purple shields will take 189 damage from a headshot, so the player will have to spend a lot of time healing. A common way for players to get a knock is to use a lot of grenades and other weapons to hurt a player who was just shot in the head by the Kraber. A headshot from a Kraber might not knock out the enemy player right away, but it will force them to spend important time healing. In the last zone, players have a limited amount of time, and if a Kraber headshot hits them, it’s pretty much game over. The only bad thing about the Kraber is that it doesn’t have a lot of bullets, so make each shot count.

Apex Legends is currently playable on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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