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4 Best Goalie Gear In Omega Strikers, Ranked

by debek

Want to find the best goalie gear in Omega Strikers? You don’t need to look any further than this list of the best weapons in the game.

Omega Strikers, Odyssey involved’s first big hit, is an easy-to-play and involved online game that is also free to play. It combines anime, football, and a little bit of air hockey. The 3v3 football project is going very well. There are a lot of different figures with different sizes and skills, and more are going to join in as the year goes on.

In the game, players can choose to be either a Forward or a Goalie. Each part has its own style of gear to help it do its job better. The player can choose from four different gear add-ons to help their chosen character. It is important to know the differences between each one to get the most out of the character’s skills.

Strike Shot

Goalies can quickly turn a defensive routine into an offensive threat with a well-aimed and timed shot. With a little luck or careful planning of angles, the open room on the pitch can even turn a save into a goal at the other end. In Omega Strikers, the fact that players can knock out members of the other team and make them unable to play for a while makes it easier for the Core to move into the other team’s goal.

With the Strike Shot, goalies can use a more aggressive plan to attack the Core and the other team more effectively and efficiently. When goalies have the Strike Shot, they can shoot 35% faster, which can catch their opponents off guard. In addition to this, when a shot is made, the goalie will also fire a weapon on their own every 12 seconds. Some gear is for protectors, and some is for attackers. This one is for the bully.

Momentum Boots

In Omega Strikers, the scoring zone takes up a lot of room compared to the characters, so having someone who is faster than their opponents can definitely help keep a clean sheet. The Momentum Boots will give people who are naturally fast an extra boost, but they can also be used to even out a character’s stats. People who choose size or strength over speed to protect the goal area can use the Momentum Boots to make up for the difference in speed.

Momentum Boots can give you a 5% speed boost, which can go up to 15% over 10 seconds. Those who wear the boots will have to be careful not to get hit by an enemy, since getting hit will make the speed boost go away. With the faster pace, players will have a much better chance of keeping their opponent at 0 points, which will make their figure dance around the field. The Momentum Boots would help keepers like Asher, who are already very good at their jobs, protect the goal even better.

Powerhouse Pauldrons

The Powerhouse Pauldrons are a good way to turn a goalie into a real wall of defence. They make the person bigger and stronger while also reducing the amount of damage they take. The Pauldrons are a great piece of equipment for any goalie, no matter which character is used. This is because they offer a wide range of data benefits.

The Powerhouse Pauldrons make the character 40% bigger, give them 15% more power, and lower the damage they take by another 15%. Anyone could benefit from this gear, but characters like Debu, who are already big, become even bigger and scarier by the score zone. This makes one of the best guards in Slope Game even better.

Eject Button

The Eject Button goalie gear is like pushing the eject button on a moving car and being thrown out of the car. This gear has a lot of useful features, making it one of the best options for anyone guarding the goal spot. When goalies use the Eject Button, they get a huge 50% boost to their dash range, blink range, and haste power. To top it all off, the character’s secondary ability’s rest time is cut by a whopping 20%.

The Eject Button’s many benefits make it a great addition to just about any character in the Omega Strikers lineup, whether they are big and strong or small and quick. For players who like a certain character’s skills and abilities, this gear is great because it lets them use their extra skills more often during the match. Given how fast the game moves and how quickly you have to think, a faster pause could give players the small edge they need to win a match. In a game where skillful use of skills could mean the difference between winning and losing, the Eject Button is the perfect way to get out of a sticky situation.

Omega Strikers can be played on PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch right now.

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