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12 Professors In Hogwarts Legacy, Ranked

by debek

Most of the teachers in Hogwarts Legacy are great, but some stand out more than the others.

Hogwarts Legacy was a huge hit when it came out. It brought together fans of the wizarding world and gave players hours and hours of nostalgic fun. One way it did this was by having a great group of professors with just as much personality as the teachers in the original Harry Potter books.

When it comes to the staff, Hogwarts Legacy has it all. There are fun-loving professors whose passion for their subject can be heard all over the castle, and there are also quieter, more serious teachers who have an air of mystery about them. Some teachers are more interesting than others, and the students at Hogwarts Legacy are sure to have their own ideas about who the best and worst professors are.

Professor Black

hogwarts legacy nigellus black

Phineas Nigellus Black is probably the most hated Headmaster Hogwarts has ever had, and it doesn’t take long to find out why. On the first day of school, he tells everyone that they can’t play Quidditch for the whole year. This is a choice that everyone is sad about.

Throughout the game, both students and workers will always be complaining about how he runs things. It looks like he doesn’t care about the kids’ education or well-being and is only interested in the job because of its prestige.

Professor Binns


Professor Binns is the only teacher in Hogwarts Legacy who is still teaching in the 1990s, when Harry is there. It seems like he has been putting children to sleep for hundreds of years. Cuthbert Binns taught until he was very old. He died in his chair, but the next day he came back as a ghost and went back to teaching as usual.

His History of Magic classes are known for not being interesting, and he has a knack for going on and on about things that don’t matter. He is not only one of the worst teachers in the game, but also in Hogwarts’ history.

Professor Shah

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Satyavati Shah

Professor Shah teaches Astronomy in Hogwarts Legacy. This is a type of magic that wasn’t really covered much in the main Harry Potter books. Players will learn that she is a scholar who is very interested in the stars by talking to her and finding letters in her classroom.

Because Satyavati Shah cares so much about her subject, her students sometimes think of her as cold because she is so focused on it. Even the fact that she doesn’t care about other kinds of magic doesn’t help.

Professor Howin

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Bai Howin

Bai Howin is the Beasts Professor at Hogwarts, but she is as hard to find as some of the magical animals she takes care of. Poppy Sweeting, who also likes animals, seems to think poorly of Professor Howin, but it’s hard to tell if other people feel the same way.

At first glance, it looks like her office and sleeping area are part of the cabin that will one day be Hagrid’s home. However, his real hut is farther away from the castle, on the slope that goes to Lower Hogsfield. Here, there is a small tombstone with a picture of a Hippogriff on it.

Professor Onai

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Mudiwa Onai

Professor Mudiwa Onai is a great Divination teacher. During Harry’s time at Hogwarts, Professor Trelawney talked all over the place and was hard to understand. Even though players won’t get to do much of Divination, they can find out how great she is as a teacher and a Seer by listening to their fellow students.

As the mother of Gryffindor friend Natsai, either of these two witches can tell players more about their pasts. Professor Onai also has interesting things to say about Professor Weasley.

Madam Kogawa

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Chiyo Kogawa

Madam Chiyo Kogawa is a Japanese witch who almost played Quidditch for a living in her home country. After working with Professor Weasley, she was asked to take over as the new flying teacher at Hogwarts when the job opened up.

By talking to her, players will find out about her strong sense of honour and self-control, which she hopes to pass on to her children. She is a big Quidditch fan and one of the professors that students can connect to the most. Players will notice that she keeps asking Headmaster Black for Quidditch to come back all through the school year.

Professor Hecat

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Hecat

Professor Dinah Hecat is one of the more hardworking professors at Hogwarts. She seems to have been teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts for a long time, much longer than those who were there when Harry was there.

Professor Hecat will, of course, teach players a lot of strong spells that will help them fight even the most dangerous enemies. As a previous Unspeakable at the Ministry, her past is also interesting. She was hurt by time itself.

Professor Weasley

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Weasley Room of Requirement

Because Headmaster Black is so bad at his job, Professor Matilda Weasley has more to do than a typical Deputy Head. She also helps the player get used to Hogwarts and get back on track with their studies. One way she does this is by showing the main character the Room of Requirement, which is a place where they can make their own beautiful space.

As Eggy Car game goes on and the player talks to other characters like Professor Onai and Madam Kogawa, they will learn that their Transfiguration Professor is more than meets the eye. As a curse breaker for the Ministry, she once went all over the world.

Professor Sharp

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Aesop Sharp

Even though Professor Aesop Sharp is not the most popular teacher because he is strict, there is no doubt that Hogwarts students are better off with him as their Potions Master.

As a former Auror, Professor Sharp can prepare his students for the dangers and realities of the outside world and give them a strong foundation in Potions at the same time. Players can talk to him after class if they want to know more about his interesting past, like why he walks with a limp.

Professor Fig

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Eleazar Fig

Even though Eleazar Fig doesn’t seem to teach much, he is still a Professor at Hogwarts. Professor Fig has a lot of time to show why he is one of the best characters in Hogwarts Legacy. He is the main companion on the player’s journey to learn more about their old magic.

He treats the main character like an adult and an equal, which is one of his best traits. Some of the rules he breaks, especially those set by the teacher, make us love him.

Professor Garlick

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Mirabel Garlick

Professor Mirabel Garlick is one of the most popular teachers in Hogwarts Legacy, and every time she’s on screen, her passion is clear. But if players look into her recent past at Hogwarts, they’ll find that she wasn’t always as sure of herself as she is now.

Herbology helped her grow, and she wants her kids to do the same, both inside and outside the greenhouse. Her happy personality makes every lesson fun, and when the player finishes her tasks, she will teach them some of the best spells in Hogwarts Legacy, like Wingardium Leviosa, that aren’t as well known.

Professor Ronen

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Abraham Ronen

Professor Abraham Ronen is one of a kind, and players can take his Charms class on the first day of Hogwarts Legacy. His constant smile and cheerful attitude, as well as the fun and interesting lessons he gives, show how much he loves teaching.

Professor Ronen thinks that education should be well-rounded, and he always has the best interests of his students in mind. In fact, there is a message written to Professor Binns in which he says, in a friendly way, that he wants to help make the History of Magic classes better for the students.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. On July 25, a version for Switch will be released.

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